SATREPS; Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development

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In 2017, the AMED/JICA research project entitled “Development of an Improved Laboratory Surveillance System for Rabies Elimination” (SATREPS; Principal

Investigator is Prof. Nishizono) was approved.(※SATREPS; Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development)

Japan has made remarkable achievements in rabies countermeasures, and local institutions have a lot of knowledge about diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of

this infection. On the other hand, the Philippines has one of the most serious rabies epidemic among all the other countries in Asia. In this project, we would like to

apply  the knowledge we have acquired in our extensive studied in Philippines setting, and verify its usefulness in the fight against rabies. We plan to disseminate the

information to the different local veterinary laboratories and medical facilities in the country. Furthermore, we plan to construct an information system for use in the

investigation and surveillance rabies infection in the country. We plan to use it in preventing rabies infection in animals and also humans. This project aims to

strengthen the capacity for infectious disease control to complete eradicate rabies infection not only in the Philippines and in Asia, but also the world-through

technology transfer and training of young Filipino researches.